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swap two numbers in C

Swap two numbers in C Programming

Hi folks, what's happening? My last tutorial was about Calculate circumference, area and perimeter in C. Let's look at how to swap two numbers in C Programming Language.This is the sixth program of … [Read More...]

swap two numbers in C

C Program to convert temperature

It's been a while since I posted another C program. My previous program was How to - Convert km to m,feet,inch and cm in C. This is a C program to convert temperature from Fahrenheit to Centigrade. … [Read More...]

Maria Sharapova Sachin Tendulkar

Maria Sharapova – A National Enemy?

Maria Sharapova refuses to recognise Sachin Tendulkar? Why is that a big deal? The whole of social media is flooded with hate comments and sarcastic posts on Maria Sharapova. How many of us know about … [Read More...]